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Trademark license contract and “Bona Fide Third Party”

On September 8, 2008, Picasso International Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Picasso), the figurative trademark owner, granted exclusive usage right to Shanghai Pafuluo Stationery Co., Ltd. (Pafuluo) in the category of writing instruments.......


Commercial use of a name similar to registered trademark constituting... Commercial use of a property name similar to prior registered trademark constituting infringement

n Guangzhou Hongfu company & Xinghewan comapny v. Tianjin Hongxing trademark infringement case, which was publicly announced by the Supreme Court as one of the directive IP cases that all courts shall follow


The use of a trademark in bad faith causing huge damages

NEW BALANCE ATHLETIC SHOE INC., a world famous U.S. sports company, was ruled to pay damages of CNY 98,000,000 (aprox. USD 15 million) to a Chinese individual, ZHOU Lelun, for trademark infringement, which is the ....


The new inclination of OEM trademark infringement disputes

On January 13, 2011, FOCKER requested NingboCustoms to seize two “PRETUL” padlocks shipments from YAHUAN, and then on January 30, 2011, FOCKER sued YAHUAN before Ningbo Intermediate People’s Court for infringement of its exclusive right to use “PRETUL”