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“Inappropriate” Warning Costing Honda Motor 16 Million RMB

n December of 2015, the China Supreme Court made a final judgment by which a 13-years patent war between Honda Motor and Shuanghuan Auto drew a full stop.


“Similarity” Depending on covering all of Characterized Design Features

GROHE AG (“GROHE”) owns a design patent titled “hand-held spray shower”. GROHE found that Zhejiang Jianlong Co., Ltd. (“JIANLONG”) manufactured, sold, and promised to sell a kind of products very similar to .......


Insufficient Disclosure Causing Invalidation of “Atorvastatin” Patent

As a subsidiary company of Pfizer, WARMER LAMBERT CO(“LAMBERT”) owns an invention patent for atorvastatin.


Permitted Patent Infringement Continuance

CHINA ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECT TECH INC. (“CEPT”) owns an invention patent titled “Aeration Sea Water Type Technology for Removing Sulphur from Smoke and Aeration Device”.


Indefinite Claims Causing an Immediate Loss of Patent Litigation

In BO Wanqing v. Chengdu Nanxun, etc., which was publicly announced by the Supreme Court as one of the directive IP cases that all courts shall follow, the Supreme Court held that a civil court has a right to........


Liability of E-commercial Platforms in Patent Infringement

As a sub-brand of Alibaba Group, TMALL is one of the most popular E-commercial companies in China. Also, TMALL has been criticized years for its connivance in selling of counterfeiting and infringement products.