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SBZL at 2019 Cell Conference


The 2019 Cell Conference and the 4th (Shanghai) Cell And Oncology Precision Medicine Summit Forum will be held in Shanghai, China from September 26 to 27, 2019, which are Co-organized by Cell Bio-resources and Pharmaceutical Innovation Federation of China Association for Health Information and Healthcare Big Data, Shenzhen Gene Industry-Institute Research Alliance, Jiangsu Provincial Biotechnology Association, Taiwan Cross-Strait Stem Cell Plastic Surgery Association, Wuhan Donghu National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry Association and Ningbo Research Institute of Fudan University, supported by Shenzhen Biomedicine Promotion Association and Shanghai (Nanxiang) Precision Medicine Industrial Park, hosted by Shanghai Shunzhan Exhibition Services Co., Ltd..



SBZL is invited to the meeting to provide complete solutions for intellectual property protection.

SBZL has considerable expertise and experience in the fields of life sciences technology and healthcare, and has represented trademark and patent cases in the fields of medical technology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, immunology, genetic engineering, cell engineering, chemistry, biotechnology and materials science.